Windows 10 - Script to Reset Netflix App Credentials and re-Sign-in

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asked Jun 11, 2016 by P-Diddy (120 points)

Have an occasional error with Netflix (X1-X1) where the only way to 'fix' this error is to sign-out and back in to the Netflix app on Windows 10. The issue is the error pop-ups too quickly before I can click on "..." > Sign-Out, so many attempts are required - and if you have a 3yo wanting to watch Paw-Patrol, then every minute seems like 20.

It would be great if there was a CMD script that could be run that 'erases' the credentials and launches the app.
Even better would be to have the script re-enter my login details automatically.

Reality or fantasy?

Appreciate any suggestions.

Additional Details DIY desktop PC, Windows 10 Pro

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