MSFT Win 10 will not permit IE to be default browser - constant nag screen. Want to disable

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asked Feb 4, 2016 by towerlane (120 points)
Have windows 10. Do not want to use Edge browser. Have made IE my default browser.

Each time that I click on a embedded application link, e.g. in an email, I get a nag screen that asks me if want to use "IE" as my default app. I must select yes in order to use.

I would like to instruct windows 10 to do my bidding. The nag screen is not enhancing my calm. I have gone into each application instructing it that IE is my default as well as in control panel and msconfig.

Any ideas, please.

Thanks. T
Additional Details windows 10 professional, desktop quad core,

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answered Feb 5, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
Please go to Settings -> System -> Default Apps and choose Internet Explorer as the browser.

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