Surface pro 3 freezing up while it installs the update, hitting windows key and pushing power button not working

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asked Jan 28, 2016 by christine (150 points)
I turned on my surface pro 3 and immediately it said "Please wait while we install a system update"  It is 1/8th an inch from completing the update and the system froze up.  It's been frozen for 4 hours.  I've got the surface pro 3 plugged in and it was fully charged when the update began.  I can't use the windows key and the power key to restart it as nothing I've tried including that is gaining any response.
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answered Jan 30, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
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1. Power off your Surface Pro
2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power button for 15 seconds then release both buttons. The screen may flash the Surface Logo, but continue to hold the buttons for the full 15 seconds.

3. Wait 10 seconds after the buttons have been released

4. Press the Power button to turn your Surface back on

Once your Surface Pro is powered on again, please go to Control Panel, then to Windows Update and check for updates and install any remaining updates.

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